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Image of the PMS Coach app homepage featuring use cases like getting insights in your cycle, tracking your symptoms and optimising your lifestyle through custom challenges.

Optimize your life with the PMS Coach app!

Empower yourself to navigate the ups and downs of PMS. Download our PMS Coach app today for personalized support and symptom tracking.

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Feel empowered and in
control of your PMS

Take control of your life and conquer PMS with the app that empowers and encourages you to live life to the fullest!

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Get on top of your cycle

As women, we’re impacted by our hormonal changes day by day. Add PMS to the mix and the impact on our lives can be immense. Being informed about our cycle is the first step towards taking back control.

Keep track of your hormonal phases

Know what’s coming when

Be informed in a glance

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Track how you feel

We focus on you. By keeping logs of your symptoms and how you feel mentally we’re able to assist you in improving the quality of your days. Tracking is the first step towards detailed insights.

Low effort tracking of your mental and physical symptoms

We map your symptoms on your cycle

Notice the patterns that are holding you back

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Lifestyle coaching that helps you

Together we’ll focus on the daily changes that benefit you the most. Easy implementations based on how you are feeling and what your body needs.

Invaluable insights that empower you

Learn about yourself through detailed insights. No dump of data, only what you need to know.

We’re right next to you on your journey

Learning about and dealing with PMS is a daunting task, we know. We’ll take away some of the worry, questions and confusion. Think of us as a supportive friend that’s always available to help.

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PMS, PME and PMDD are a part of more womens lifes than you might think

Talking about your cycle, menstruation and PMS is hard. Even now, in modern times, it’s still experienced as taboo. This doesn’t have to be the norm.

Of women experience PMS symptoms
Of women suffer from PMS
Women have severe PMS (PMDD)
12 years
Average time before a PMDD diagnosis

Empower Your Life & Cycle: Conquer PMS

Find relief from PMS symptoms and take back control of your life and cycle. Our PMS Coach app offers tailored advice and cycle tracking to help you live your best life.